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FBI x LAPD: Rollin 40’s Crip Gang Sweep (10/21/2009)


Analysis: (LA Times Article Below)


Once again, the Homeland Security Act and the Patriot Act, allowing for questionable police behavior. Perfect example of what I speak of, comes from the homie Charles. Charles is a young black professional college graduate who was unlawfully pulled over and briefly detained by the LAPD. He declares that he was never a gang member, but was treated as a criminal last week. He had to take his shirt off and provide rationale for every tattoo on his body. Our policing agency, whether federal or local is designed to protect us, but these guys left a positive/law abiding citizen left to defend himself so he wont end up label as a gang member.

I may need to brush you up on your memory. On September 11th 2001, our own government concocted a scheme to scare the mass public. This fear mongering allowed some private corporation to make millions in oil money, millions in security business, and it allowed the United States government the ability to determine who “domestic terrorists” are. If labeled as a domestic terrorists, you civil rights are no more.

The next time the media and government attempt to scare us into something, remember its all a plan, so don’t fall for it (swine flu… wink wink).

Below is the LA Times article.


October 22, 2009

More than 1,100 Los Angeles police officers and FBI agents began a crackdown on the Rollin’ 40s gang before dawn today, hauling in nearly four dozen gang members and associates from their homes in pajamas, in an attempt to make a dent in one of the most violent street gangs in South Los Angeles.

“What we are trying to do is to break the grip of terror and narcotics trafficking and violence that they have had in that part of Los Angeles for many years,” said Cmdr. Andrew Smith of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Smith said the Rollin’ 40s are one of the 10 most violent gangs in Los Angeles, and authorities had been investigating them for 18 months.

“Residents and police were saying enough is enough,” Smith said. “We are going to do something about these guys.”

Beginning at 5 a.m., law enforcement officials served 75 arrest warrants to “shot callers” on state and federal charges of narcotics sales, illegal weapons and various other crimes. As of 9:15 a.m., 46 were arrested. The raid targeted mostly the upper echelons of the gang.

Smith said investigators are searching secondary locations for the remaining fugitives and have issued nationwide alerts to inform other police departments they are wanted.

The FBI-LAPD operation has been able to charge gang members and associates with tougher federal statutes, which will “get them off the streets for longer period of time,” said FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller

Many of those arrested have been indicted on federal charges that could carry sentences ranging from 20 years to life, she said.

The sweep was bordered by Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard on the north, 52nd Street on the south, the 110 Freeway on the east and Crenshaw Boulevard on the west.

— My-Thuan Tran and Richard Winton



  1. The police is the only 1 causing terroism on the streets. Last week several officers entered the front yard of my sisters house( Yes, a Woman); who was in the garage watching her son cut a local kids hair from the neighborhood. The were looking for someone and pulled a gun on her and the children who were lined up to get their hair cuts. These children range from the age of 6 to 16 yrs. I happend to pull up and witness. I urge the public to begin to record these things on the cell phones videos or whateva means they have to take pictures of these things. This patriot has began a new modern type of slavery. First you tag the individual with a wrong doing and then violate their rights. This law was presented for the purpose of the so called… Taliban, but has made it prejudice to the neighborhoods, calling the X Gang members Terroist. I have proof that they raided an X Gang member house while he was at work. This guy changed his life years ago and still is being targeted under the the predjudice of the old souther white. Such as George Bush and Dick Chenney, who ordered the execution of Sadaam Hussein, by lynching. Sounds Familiar!

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