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Perfecto – L.A. Riots [Video]

April. 1992. South Central Los Angeles. Rodney King. Reginald Denny. Darryl Gates. The Rampart Scandal. Florence & Normandie. Simi Valley.If you added up those keywords it would equal the LA Riots.

This song captured the essence of LA that was felt all around the world. This video was first released by DJ Strong on his BET Award Show Mixtape. Then a fan by the name of OGBLUEMERCURY was compelled enough to make his version of the video. The video definately enriches the powerful song. 

If you were too young to remember this remarkable event, use this song/video as a educational tool. Share this around twitter, myspace or facebook

-Regal Tenant



  1. Background on Reginald Denny:
    Reginald Oliver Denny is born on January 22, 1956 in Lansing, Michigan.
    Shelley Roseanne Montez (Reginald Oliver Denny’s ex-wife and now married to Christopher Coppel in London, England) was born on August 12, 1962 in Los Angeles County in California.
    Ashley Rose Denny (Reginald Oliver Denny’s daughter) was born on June 14, 1992 in Stanislaus County in California
    Reginald Oliver Denny and Shelley Roseanne Montez got married in Clark County, Nevada on February 14, 1982. Unfortunately, they got divorced four years later, and Reginald Denny is now living in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

  2. Please help:
    I want to know if Reginald Olver Denny’s parents are still alive today in California and I want to really to know who is ancestors are. People from Michigan and California who are related to Reginald Denny, please help me! Thank you!

  3. Please delete the following comment from March 15, 2012
    at 10:41 am.

  4. Reginald Oliver Denny is the Greta Garbo of the Los Angeles riots.

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