Posted by: | July 28, 2009

T Rodgers x Nat Turner x Pee Wee Kirkland – Black P Stone Blood Conference in NYC (2002)

This video was taken from a conference in 2002. Here we have T Rogers (OOOG of the Jungle Stone Bloods in Los Angeles), Pee Wee Kirkland (Drug Kingpin and Basketball Star), and Nat Turner (Revolutionary Artist and Activist) in New York speaking to the bloods when they first came into prominence on the NYC streets.

This is a video of the older generation G’z attempting to drop knowledge on the young DAMU’s of NYC. You can really since the passion bursting out of Nat Turner who brings reality and practicality to this conference. The purpose of this conference is to bring peace and social awareness to these young brothers. What you cant see is about 200 NY City Bloodz who are in attendance.

Too bad we cant get something out here in LA like this. Make sure you share this message with you friends and family. Regal Tenant loves the kids.


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