Posted by: | July 27, 2009

Columbo Black Drops Controversial Pres. Obama Diss Record

columbo0Columbo Black x Ace – I Love Obama (Obama Deception)

Artist: Columbo Black & Ace
Song: I Love Obama (Obama Deception)
Hometurf: Compton (The Hub)
Quotable: “the puppet can control the puppeteer”

Columbo Black x Ace – I Love Obama (Obama Deception)

In all honesty, this is the first critque on Barack Obama, my ears have ever heard. Columbo decides to attack Obama’s sincerity and declares him as a puppet. This political tirade features his ace, ACE.

After listening to this song, it is clear that Black believes America is apart of a long time conspiracy called the New World Order. While people around the world paint Obama as a Christ-like figure, Columbo Black wants no part of it.

This lyrical analysis shows us that Hip-Hop is an intellectual art-form. This piece could be easily broken down and studied at UC Berkley. I would love for Bill O’Reilly to call Columbo on his show for this one.


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