Posted by: | July 8, 2009

Spider Loc x Columbo Black x Yorz True – Talk About It [Video]

Once again Spider Loc shows you how underrated he is out here in LA. This is the public’s first time seeing SPI with Compton’s Greatest Wordsmith Columbo Black. Dope verses. Columbo…. I see you !!! You may see Columbo’s name written as Columbo Blacc, but dont get it twisted, he isnt Crip (nor Blood).

The video was shot in the infamous Blue Room, where many westcoast greats have laid tracks. Nice to see a true gangsta be a true rapper, Shouts to SPI. Whats even better is that a true gangsta rapper shows love to a real lyrical MC. Lets show LA, we can all get this paper.

The Following song is off of Spider’s New Mixtape “Land of the Lost“. The film is directed by FilmzRUs.

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  1. Good to see Columbo Black on some video shit! I wanna see more!

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