Posted by: | June 29, 2009

Inglewood’s PERFECTO – “Put It In My Pocket” Freestyle Video

Artist: Perfecto
Song: Put It In My Pocket Freestyle
Mixtape/Album: Rampart Scandal Warm Up
Hometurf: Inglewood, Cali
Quotable: I wont be the first down, cuz i go the nine yards

Freemason, acknowledge the symbol
Got knowledge like I went to college at temple
Or studied in solomons temple
Dali lama ghandi is all in my mental
So old school ni99as is callin me hindu
Its all sorta simple

Do you finally see the picture
Reconsider beefin wit uswe heathen sinners
Need a sleezy breezy with reefer in her
tweekin E weeed and liquior
Imma wilderbeast in the streets Tryin to eat a decent dinner

Got ten women in a Saab crammed we all get along fam
But silly Bitches that think im trickin riches really Piss me off man
stackin cash and Mackin and math, Imma Renissance man
Who got an orgy poppin off at the renissance man!

You know times is bad I saw bobby brown shoppin at walmart
Thugs get sentimental like cards from hallmark
Keep my nose to the ground I copy aardvark
All gona study me, well when im gon call me karl marx

Im all heart like KG when he won is first ring
I wanna go scream Impossible is nothing
Except for drivin down the shaw and not getting stopped by police
In LA you actin phony, like axel foley

Imma tad bit boney
So the cash stick out when I put it im my pocket like tabi boney
They roll up on you like whats cracken homie
Want the ravioli and macroni
Because of the cheese stupid, suckas dont be foolish

You can picture my words like Screenwriter
Dont let the bling blind ya
Tryin ta Eat fuck this rice and beans on cheap china
Need the type of paper you cant put in a three ring binder
Rappas want beef till I put they feet Meat grinder

Im manny paquio sockin out oppennants
LA aint a safe place I aint walkin down the corna
St. Lucia Far cry from Compton California
Laid in a hammock knockin down coronas

As the waves splash in maui
Kick back is a sick pad with a chick with a big ass around me
Island hopin next is Nassau County
Im as smooth Patrick riley
Black as tavis smiley
Been seen Flashin in a lavish audi

Fuck battling LA traffic on the freeway fool
On a three day cruise With J T and BJ Cruise
Shanette and Sue wanna three way too
Its 3:52 im knee deep in these freaks room 382

Were all made from the likeness of god, so who are we equal too?
Perfecto the sequal to the book of ezekial
Livin prophet who been prophecied for decades
Get my profit then clockin the next day

No sick time or lunch break, show up and grind hard
Wont be the first down if you go the nine yards
Fuck goin for the stars im so focused up on mars
Fuck the tarot, no one holdin my cards

No excuses, Make the most form the hand I was given
When the lieutenant come thru my goons Stand in attention
Prision system tryin to land us in a los angeles prision
This the land of the scandalous women
If you have pockets, they plan to get in um

Front if you want, its los angeles times
Pretty soon cashll be Out of print like the los angeles times
Till then Ill flip street money just Like Harry O
This is all mathematics, I rap in binary code

I dont write lyrics no time to jot um down
I just recite um aloud and my scribell write um down
Im the chancellor to high preist you know right?
im imhotep 27 centurys before Christ

I studied under plato and taught Alexander the Great
I ask questions modern science cant answer today
Abraham prophecized these times for they happen
Reincatnated as Perfecto to shed light on the massess

Bing badda bing Bling like a king
Can go to war with whoever we the ming dynasty
Think you nutty buddy, Perfecto is mania
Born on the eupraties river next to Mesopotamia

Im Caligula in the flesh, came to sever whoever
As the millineum goes, Im gettn better and better
Im nebakenezzer in a cliff huxtable sweater
Im sick as fuck like sex under the weather


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