Posted by: | June 22, 2009

The Biggest Booties in the Game

I have made a small list of the 5 biggest asses that i have seen on the internet or the television. 4 black women and 1 latina. Where the white women at? lol. Take a look at these wonderful rumps and leave a vote on which one you would like to have in your bedroom.

1) Erin Adams: This Chica backside might be the biggest i have ever seen. Not to mention, her face and smile is amazing. The funny thing, she was already a friend of mine on Facebook.  Erin Adam’s Myspace

2) Tahiri (Joe Budden’s Girlfriend) is completly outta control.She laced the cover of King in great fashion.

3) Angel Lola Luv: My personal favorite. This ethiopian goddess not only has the ass, but the total package. Ask me if i care if here titties and ass are fake?! i can care less. Lola Luv’s Twitter

4) Cubana Lust: Another reason why Barack Obama needs to open trade and commerce with our Cuban friends. Cubana’s Personal Page

5) Bria Miles: Bria made her big debut in the Kanye West / Rhymefest video “Brand New” in 2005. She is another LA, CALI booty. I think i remember her from Fairfax. Bria’s Myspace


-Regal Tenant


  1. You forgot to put Hennessey on this list.

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