Posted by: | June 11, 2009

L.A.P.D. Raid Rolling 60s on Their HOOD DAY


Every gang has a “Hood Day”. On June 10, 2009, The Rollin Sixties had their hood day in Studio City, which is more than 15 miles away from their dangerous borders. Somehow, someway the police heard of the affair and had a problem with it. Why? What the hell are they doing wrong? Who are they putting in jeopardy? I actually prefer these brothers at a club celebrating, than reeking havoc on these L.A. streets.

Have you seen the movie Minority Report? Well, in that futuristic-science fiction-movie, potential criminals were arrested before they actually committed a crime. It was called thought crime. I relate this movie to the Jonnies raiding a gang party. The only crime that was committed was marijuana smoking. Yes, weed! City of Los Angeles spent the manpower and taxpayer money to capture men committing misdemeanor crimes. L-O-Muthafuckin-L. The New World Order new stations (Fox/NBC) say that 17 out of 400 people were arrested. I’m not a math major, but that’s 23%. With California laying off teachers and closing hospitals in a severe budget crisis, this is a complete waste of money. 400 minus 17 is 383, 383 free innocent people had their night ended unjustly. The report also claims 0 (ZERO) people were arrested on gun charges.

The City of L.A. justifies this round-up on the grounds of the “gang injunction”. Gang injunctions are “controversial” at best. In 1997, the case of People ex rel Gallo v Carlos Acuna challenged the constitutionality of gang injunctions. Lower courts had held that provisions disallowing gang members to associate with one another violated their first amendment right to free assembly. See where I’m comin from? This shit is not right. It’s not right like the 25+ police units on Crenshaw from the 105 to the 10 freeway isn’t right. Its not right like racial profiling isn’t right. Where is the ACLU when you need them?

I don’t condone gang violence, but I do condone human rights. I don’t condone black on black crime,  but I do condone the rights of American citizens.



  1. I am glad you posted this. It is good to see that I am not the only person to acknowledge that this is wrong. There are more police out there than ever before and they are arresting anyone and everyone black and brown. Time to wisen up.

  2. I too am glad that you posted this. I really want you to see what kind of power you think you are giving to the gang infested communities, making the hard working citizens think that they can’t leave their home and see a group of BPS hanging around thinking about their next crime and selling their drugs without them being worried about it. Also you talk about how you don’t condone gang violence, right? Well wisen up because that’s exactly what you are doing. The police dont mess with the innocent, the police know whose the active gang member and who the dope dealers are. Rollin’ 60’s come on man how much crime do these guys commit everyday their out there. Yeah they look out for people, but its people within them. They terrorize the communities they live in and you want rights for these idiots that commit crimes everday. Dont worry man because of people like you will see the city deter even more.

  3. your post was an absolute waste of your writing talent. your thoughts have been narrowed and jaded by whatever and or whomever. Life is a bigger picture than you could ever imagine.
    “Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.”
    – John Wodden
    Gangsters are scared insecure and lost people that just dont get the beauty of what life can be. who wants to constantly be looking over their shoulder in fear of who could be behind them. life is a natural foward motion. i would rather stay foward to meet the wonderfuls things that are next. who wants to carry a gun around…a gun!
    carry a smile, kill’em with kindness, plus, chicks dig it. i could go on and on, i have more pressing business. MY LAKERS

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