Posted by: | June 6, 2009

New Jay-Z: Death of Autotune


Download: Jay Z – Death of Autotune

Artist: Jay Z
Song:   Death of Autotune
Mixtape/Album: N/A
Hometurf: Brooklyn (They Go Hard)
Quotable: “This is anti AutoTune, death of the ring tone”

Here is Jay Z’s new song “Death of AutoTune”which has just begun to circulate on the net and barbershops alike.  Click the link to get a taste of some of the new tasty flavors Jays been brewing like backyard moonshine in Tennessee.

I’m not going to lie, I was pleasantly surprised to here this new Jay Z track.  After Jay Z helped usher in the  “dumb down my rhymes to double my dollars” era, it seems as if every rapper and they ghostwriting grandma has been getting dumber and dumber in hopes of tripling there dollars.  This trend has brought about so much biting and ill conceived “swag” that it is slightly embrassing.  Either these new rappers are swimming in Lil Waynes style real tough like or they are going the T Pain route on some “hook up the autotune and lets get this gwap” steez.

Jay Z, who now has plenty of cash to sit on, is going at these cats and bringing it back to the raw rap and a dope beat.  I hope this can help bring back the days when hip hop was multi-directional and could combine different aspects of life besides club hoping and Nike Dunk copping.  I mean really, our lives consist of more than telling bitches to shake it and get on the floor.  Though I love that too :-).

I loved Jay’s “Brooklyn We Go Hard” too.  I know the streets can’t wait to see what he drops next.  Now if he would only give his next album an original name instead of his usual pattern of Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, Part 1, Part 2, Part3.

Brandon Williams / Regal Tenant Staff Writer


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