Posted by: | May 29, 2009

Feds Raid Barrio Hawaiian Gardens


Hawaiian Gardens ( – In what prosecutors are calling the “largest gang takedown in United States history,” dozens of Los Angeles Latino gang members accused of attacking blacks and law enforcement personnel have been rounded up.
The gang members and associates are charged with federal racketeering and drug-trafficking.
The FB I, DEA, ATF and sheriff’s department also participated in this morning’s raids in the Hawaiian Gardens area.
A total of 63 people were arrested in the gang sweep, according to US Attorney Thomas P. O’Brien.
He says the raid involved 1,400 law enforcement officials, including 17 SWAT teams, who were serving warrants stemming from a series of federal indictments targeting 147 members of the Barrio Hawaiian Gardens gang.
According to O’Brien, plans for the operation began four years ago after the killing of LA County sheriff’s Deputy Jerry Ortiz.
While local public officials continue to deny the existence of brown on black hate crime, the FBI cracked down on a Hawaiian Gardens gang responsible for several heinous crimes.
From the Associated Press:
Federal and local agencies were conducting a series of arrests targeting members and associates of the Varrio Hawaiian Gardens street gang, U.S. Attorney’s Office spokesman Thom Mrozek said.
A series of federal racketeering indictments was due to be unsealed later Thursday, detailing firearms, narcotics and other charges related to the attacks, Mrozek said.
Further details were not released, but Mrozek said the indictments would detail the attacks on several black victims.
The indictments mark at least the second time in less than two years that federal authorities have alleged that Latino gang members attacked black residents because of their race. Local officials have tried to downplay any racial tensions.



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